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Join the First Worldwide

Grad Mag Celebration

You don’t want to miss this fun-filled, motivational, and life-changing experience.


Honoring All-Achieving High School Graduates

Fervent House Publication & Production Co. in Longview, Texas is excited to announce our partnership with the Hyatt Regency 300 Reunion Blvd. Dallas, TX. Catch us at Fervent Magazine’s First Worldwide Grad Mag Celebration on July 17, 2021 (Saturday) at 5:00 PM. We have the following guests:

Grad Mag Visionary – Equallia Malone

Grad Mag Host – Valder Beebe Beebe

Grad Mag Speaker – Gregory Rowe

Grad Mag Speaker – Monique Jeffery

Grad Mag Keynote Speaker –

Coach Cedric Crawford

Special Guest – To Be Announced

Educator’s Voice With Valder Beebe

High school graduates from around the world will be celebrated and honored for their outstanding achievements. You don’t want to miss this fun-filled, motivational, and life-changing experience.

The Graduates’ Celebration Night will be filled with great giveaways like:

  • A Chance to Win a Weekend Family Stay at the Hyatt Regency
  • Awesome Door Prizes
  • A Chance to Win a Book Publishing Pack With Fervent House Publication & Pro Co.
  • A Chance to Win a Book Trailer
  • A Chance to Be Featured on the Cover of Fervent Magazine's Fall Edition
  • A Chance to Co-Host Grad Mag 2022
  • The Opportunity to Be a Part of Fervent’s First Graduation Unveiling Ceremony, Where We Will Unveil:
    • The Hatley
    • Fervent Magazine’s Grad Mag 2021
    • Fervent’s Star Prize Giveaway
    • Fervent’s Grad Mag Celebration 2022 Celebration Venue
  • Cash Giveaways
  • And More

Graduates will be able to attend in person or virtually. Seating for those that would like to attend in person is limited to the first 250 high school graduates.

In-Person Attendance Join Here!

Virtual Attendance Groups Join Here!

Visit  "Fervent's Gift Shop" Where We Have Designed Awesome and Fun Gear For Your BIG Celebration Day  

  • Reserved Group Block for Seven on Fervent's Grad Mag Virtual Wall – $35
  • A reserved seat for Grad Mad Live! – $75
  • Feature Your Graduate on Grad Mag's Facebook Page (With Our Themed Video) – $27 Included Is A Pass To The Virtual Celebration
  • Feature Your Graduate in Fervent Magazine's Special Edition Grad Mag 2021 (Only 25 Spots Available). The Magazine will be unveiled on July 17, 2021 at the Grad Mag Celebration! We have a plethora of ways to join the "Celebration."

Don't forget to visit our Grad Mag Facebook Group page, where we’ll invite high schools and their graduates from around the world for  Fervent’s Motivational Night, 2021. This will be available from June 18, 2021 | 7PM Live At Grad Mag Group Members Page.

Join the celebration today!